Wheat Field Cut For Hay

Wheat Field Cut For Hay

November 7, 2011

Halloween Decorations

Since it's a week after Halloween, I decided it was time to take down my decorations!

I love my Halloween decorations. I like them because they aren't scary.

Do you know how hard it is to find Halloween decorations that aren't scary?
Well, I do. That's why I made these. (Well, I didn't make the pumpkin with the witch hat, that was a gift from my Aunt.)

The wooden mice are fun.  I usually have them climbing on my pumpkins outside, but there were no pumpkins to be had this year. But, they work inside too.

Here's a picture from a few years ago.  I made the mask too, if  i don't carve them I can decorate with them through Thanksgiving!

Last, but not least, my paper garland and spiders!

Saying goodbye to Halloween means Christmas is on its way!!

By the way, I made a bunch of this stuff for a craft fair a while back, so if anyone is interested in these, just shoot me an e-mail: aljones2u@yahoo.

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