Wheat Field Cut For Hay

Wheat Field Cut For Hay

July 22, 2014

July 21, 2014

The 4th Of July

So, I just realized I didn't tell you about our Fourth of July.

This year, Cooper got to do the sparklers all by himself!

He was so funny, and a little dangerous.
He was waving them and running around saying "See this!  Do ya see this!"  He actually singed a spot on  my leg!

Then when the fireworks started, well let's just say he missed half the show because he kept turning around asking everyone "Did you see that?" over and over!

Once we finally got him calmed down, he became worried that Bear was going to miss it.

He was so cute.  He really had a good time and talked about it all the way home!

I'm looking forward to next year!