Wheat Field Cut For Hay

Wheat Field Cut For Hay

March 25, 2014

From 15th to 25th

1.  Filled an order for tow pillow cases and a bag. 

2.  Planted onions and potatoes. 

3.  Made a 150 mile trip to my parents. 

4.  Ate hotdogs in a hide out!

5.  Hugged my Dad and Mom.

6.  Watched The Hunger Games with my sister. 

7.  Made a 150 mile trip home.

8.  Helped with a baby shower for my friend. 

9.  Cut my toe open in LB's shop 

10.  Wore house shoes to church on Sunday. 

11.  Played a handbell special at church 

12.Made 5 bags to fill another order.

13.   Really can't remember what I did yesterday 

14.  Wrote this blog post!

I love my crazy hectic life!!

March 15, 2014

A Break From Social Media

How is everyone?
Doing great?
Good me too!
I really am doing good.  I just took a break from social medial.  And guess what?  Once I decided that my break was over, I just couldn't seem to fit it back into my schedule. 
Are you confused?  Let me explain a little better.
About midway through January, I began to feel guilty about how much time I was spending checking my email, looking at Facebook, surfing Pinterest and other internety things.  So, I just decided to stop.  I unsubscribed from almost everything in my email and I turned off my iPad.  And you know what happened?  After a couple of weeks I suddenly had a hard time fitting the internet back into my schedule!
Isn't it funny how priorities change?
I have turned my iPad back on and have been checking my email.  Having previously unsubscribed from stuff, I now only get what's most important. Checking my inbox now, takes probably an eighth of the time it did before.
Facebook, Pinterest, and just plain surfing haven't quiet made it completely back into my schedule, but I don't have much complaint about that.
My blog is important to me, and is something I want to continue to do.  It's kinda like my journal.
Well, I think this is all for tonight.
Talk to ya again soon!