Wheat Field Cut For Hay

Wheat Field Cut For Hay

March 5, 2015

My Little Fish

For the last two summers, Baby J and I have been making regular trips to the public pool.
And at the age of three, he has become fearless!
The slide, whether backwards....

or forwards...

he loves it!
He even likes to jump off the diving board!
I didn't get pictures of that, because I was floating underneath.  He didn't want me to catch him because he had on his whale floaties, but it made me feel better to be there just in case.
I'm proud of how good he's doing for being so young.  But sometimes that scares me more!!
He has already been asking me when the pool will open back up!
(With all this crazy cold weather we've been having I'm ready too!)
Hope you enjoyed these nice warm pictures on such a cold day!

March 4, 2015

I'm Back!!!

Ok, so I know I have done this before.  I've stopped blogging due to busyness or laziness or many other excuses, but I actually have a good one this time!

No, I'm serious.  I do.

You see, my computer got full.  Do you know what happens when your computer memory gets full?

You don't? well, let me tell you.

When your computer memory gets full it begins to do weird things.  Like run really really slow.  Or not have enough space to create temporary files to burn CDs or even update your security software.  I couldn't even open more than one internet page at a time. When your computer gets that full you can't even put more stuff on your computer, imagine that!

Because of the overload my phone and camera had not had any pictures cleaned off since August of last year!

But, don't worry, LB bought me a new computer!  It's so nice and has lots of memory and runs really fast! I just got this computer last month and it has lots of really cool features.  I've never had a Dell and it took me a little time to get it all set up like I wanted and figure out how to use it.  My last computer was about 5 years old and they have really changed the technology since then! Ha ha! 

So far, I've got my phone all cleaned off. I had taken over 300 pictures between August and December of last year and several videos.  There were so many things that I could have written about...

 So many cute moments...

And lots of great news that would have been nice to share! 

But those things are already over and past; and there are lots more cute moments coming up.  We'll see how much I can fill you in on and I will try to keep you updated on what is going on now! 

Excited to be Back!