Wheat Field Cut For Hay

Wheat Field Cut For Hay

March 8, 2016

Making Memories

Time is precious. 

Your kids grow way too fast. 

Life is hard. 

So, instead of always being in a rush, or worried about the house being clean and laundry being caught up, enjoy your life. 

Make the most of every day. Go for a bike ride with your kid, let them sleep with you, let them help you make cookies and maybe even eat the dough. Swim with them in their kiddie pool, play in the sand box, or have a picnic. You don't have to have an extravagant vacation. Or the most expensive toys. Or go to every movie, zoo or museum. Most times the best memories are the ones that come unexpected. And sometimes all you need is a spoon!

Your children don't yet understand the value of a dollar, but they do understand time. 

Don't miss out!

March 5, 2016

This Week in Pictures

Ok, I have a confession; I haven't blogged using my computer since I started back!!  I downloaded the blogger app and am now totally spoiled! It's so convenient and easy.  My new iPhone is actually spoiling me in more ways than one. You see the pictures it takes are great. And with two kids and one dog in tow, my phone is usually easier to tote around than my big camera!  Don't worry I still take plenty of pictures with my camera. They just don't get cleaned off as often now. So, tonight I'm going to use my blogger app show you a handful of pictures I took of the boys with my phone this week....

Hope you all have had as fun a week as I have!!